Trunk Coffee Tables for Your Comfortable Living Room

Trunk coffee tables were very popular since 1800’s in Europe. It had been used by many people in the Victorian era. The Japanese culture and the Ottoman Empire also adapted to use this kind of this table. Firstly, they had a habitual in drinking tea or coffee. Then, they thought that they needed something to put their glasses of tea or coffee. They started to make kinds of wood tables. It is called by them as tea table. However, they also put other things, such as book, magazines, newspaper on it. As its function, they decided to put the table on the living room. It could create a different atmosphere for their room because it contained a vintage and classic design.

This kind of this table has variety of forms, names and its functions, such as tree trunk coffee table. This is one of the varieties of its table. It is originally made from a strong wood, such as teak, pine, and mahogany. The measurement is usually determined by the diameter of its tree, but commonly the measurement is bigger. You can also see directly the originally annual rings of tree trunk. So, it is suitable to décor your living room, family room, or your front or back terrace at your home. It is very good as decoration because it creates and gives a natural and vintage design for your room.

Steamer trunk coffee table is also one of the varieties of wood tables. It is originally made from a strong wood, such as teak, pine, and mahogany and combines with metal which surrounds it. The measurement is bigger, so it has many functions. The shape likes a treasure chest. It is very familiar in the pirate story for children. It provides you a large space in it. Then, you can put your important things inside it, such your favorite books, novels, magazines, and newspapers. You can also call it as storage table. Besides, as storage function, you can have it as vintage decoration for your room.

Thus, every table has its own function, but commonly the function is as a place where you can put something on it. The role of table is very necessary at our home. Besides, it uses as a decoration to beautify your room. This kind of wood table which combines with metal surrounds it creates a new vintage atmosphere to your living room. The natural wood is as the touch. Even we rarely to find it, you can order it. They will produce it for you as your demand. Let’s have trunk coffee tables now.


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