The Beauty and Feature of Lucite Coffee Table Design

Lucite coffee table is one of the innovative coffee table design and idea that are present in these recent days. Basically Lucite style coffee table is a coffee table that is made and designs to look crystal clear from the outside. This means, it using plastic and glasses as the main material to make a coffee table that looks perfectly flawless and transparent.

There are many kinds of Lucite style coffee table design. however if you are trying to find one with good material that provide good durability and also unique and distinct design then lucite coffee table IKEA product is the one we recommend most. The reason for this is simple, it is because many IKEA coffee table product especially Lucite table is resistant and durable despite its fragile look if compared with the other coffee table manufacturer.

Additionally, IKEA also provide many design and inspiration design for the Lucite style coffee table. One of the examples of IKEA design is the stylish and classy vintage Lucite coffee table. Just as the name implies this lucite coffee table offer a classic vintage design that focused on a good decorative design with stylish shape that give us nostalgic atmosphere which is perfect for interior design with classic design or even contemporary design.

Usually, Lucite coffee table base material is also made from the same material as the table which is glass or plastic to give the sense of transparency. However, it is not rare to find some of the base of the Lucite style coffee table is also given an innovative approach by combining it with wood to give more strength for the base. In conclusion, Lucite coffee table is a unique coffee table that offers a stylish appeal that is suitable for classic interior design and contemporary interior design.


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