Several Preparations you need to do before making DIY coffee table

Making a DIY coffee table is actually quite simple if you understand all the steps on how to make your own coffee table. It will be very helpful if you follows some steps of the tutorial which it made by a professional furniture makers. But don’t be afraid to use your creativity to make your […]
Sarah DianneFebruary 16, 2018 Coffee Tables

Unique coffee tables for your interior design

There are different kinds of unique coffee tables that are consisting of many different styles and design. Unique means it is different from the others and none of them have the same shape or nature with it. So the coffee table with unique style means the table that has the original shape and characteristic which […]
Sarah DianneFebruary 11, 2018 Unique coffee table

Coffee Tables Ideas with DIY Creative Style You Can Make

Coffee table ideas can give you something new with your interior design, especially for your living room. In this case, you can be so much creative to create new idea of coffee table. Making new look in your living room with coffee table does not mean that you have always to buy new table, but […]
Sarah DianneDecember 26, 2017 Coffee Tables Ideas

Painted Coffee Tables Beautify Your Room

Painted coffee tables are as one of the wooden tables which are very familiar in the society. It does not make by only a wood, but it is already created with other motifs and some picture designs. This table has functions as a place where you can put glasses, vases, books, magazines, and newspapers. It […]
Sarah DianneDecember 17, 2017 Coffee Tables