Painted Coffee Tables Beautify Your Room

Painted coffee tables are as one of the wooden tables which are very familiar in the society. It does not make by only a wood, but it is already created with other motifs and some picture designs. This table has functions as a place where you can put glasses, vases, books, magazines, and newspapers. It has several shapes, such as oval-shaped, circle-shaped, square-shaped and rectangle-shaped. The table is usually placed in the living room, family room or in your front or back terrace. It also has a little small drawer that you can put other things inside it.

If you feel bored with your wooden table without any decoration or picture, you can do painting coffee table. In this case, you can create all you inspiration and creativity. You can also design your own wooden table and suit it with your own room. Perhaps, you can touch with the unique motifs, paint it with flowery motifs, or you can also touch it with colorful paint to differ it with the previous table. Adjust the color of your paint with your wall painting and theme of your room. Show your creativity in designing coffee table.

There are several steps to do painting a coffee table. First, you should remove the old finish and stain on the layer of its table. As we know that painting on the old wooden table is not easy than painting on the new wooden table. Then, do sanding until the layers look smoother. Second, choose the appropriate, good and durable paint. Adjust with what kind of wood of your table that you have. Draw with your own motifs on the layers of table. Third, do the painting with paintbrush, sponge, or spray and paint it regarding to the design that you had made. After that, you dry the table. Finally, if the layers of table had dried, give the varnish to give the maximum result.

You can also use chalk paint to paint your old wooden table. This paint function is to make your old table look more modern. This is one of the simplest ways to paint it. Chalk paint is very easy. We do not need any preparation. You just need Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, clear wax, and brushes. Then, you just pour a few of water on the paint until it looks smoother. After that, use the flat brushes to paint your table. It is very suitable for old furniture, walls, and floors. It is an eco-friendly material. So, you can use as one of your inspiration to renew your table to chalk paint coffee table.



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