Lucite Coffee Tables: The Invisible Table Design

Lucite coffee tables are incredible table design that will make you amazed. The table is design in incredible design which is look futuristic, sophisticated and modern as well. This table is suitable to be set in your living room to show the different look form others. This is actually constructed form acrylic which is designed by Gilbert Rohde as the pioneer of this invisible coffee table. Even it is design in invisible style of crystal clear, but it has durability and solidity. The concept design of this coffee table is that adding a hint of luminescence. It will give a whimsical accent into your room. Since it is almost too invisible, it does not take up the visual space.

There are lots of designs of Lucite coffee tables you can choose to enhance your interior decoration. You can choose the design based on your interior decoration style, modern or vintage. Then, you can choose the size of the tables. This Lucite table is also effective to be placed in your small living room, since it has invisible design, your room will still look large in case. Thing you have to notice if you set this table is that, you have to clean it well routine in order to keep it clean from the dust and other dirt problem. To keep it clean, you just need to wipe it up with clean and soft cloth. You can wipe it with damp cloth and wipe again with dry soft cloth as the finish step.

This invisible Lucite table can be combined with any kinds of color scheme in your living room. Since it is clear and transparent you do not need to think about what kinds of sofa which is suitable to be coupled with this coffee table. There are not only square or oval shape designs, but there is also round Lucite coffee table design even in small or large size.

You will definitely get a kind of floating appearance that will not hide anything in a room. You can decorate this table with anything you want, such as flower vas, books, or even you put glass or plate on the table everything will look floating by far or close distance. Moreover this table will also illuminate the color of your room. Well, are you interested with this table design? If you want something extraordinary, start to decorate your interior design with Lucite coffee table. 


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