Leather Coffee Tables to Get the Vintage Look

Leather coffee tables are designed different with other material for coffee tables. Probably you will be a bit strange why is a table designed with leather, but in fact it has same function as other table. you must be also thinking that leather table cannot hold cup or flower vas up. In fact, it can be used to put the cup in balance. There are lots of designs of coffee table with leather as the main material construction. Most of them are designed with wooden combination in order to give durability. If you are looking for some designs of leather table for your living room, you can take a look some recommendations design bellow.

The first design of leather coffee table is coffee table by Lazzaro leather. It has vintage design with pull up leather type and has a color finish of cranberry. The dimensions of this coffee table are 18 inch H x 45 inch W x 39 inch D. For overall weight it has 61 lbs. It is also completed with storage area that can be used to save some reading stuff, such as newspapers or magazines. The whole construction is designed with solid wood. This leather table is priced with $543.38.

The second design is leather coffee table ottoman. This is designed in quite small size in square shape. It is has double function as coffee table and also storage area, because on the bottom side is designed with storage of wooden material. The wooden material ensures the stability of this ottoman coffee table. The storage area possibility allow for extra storage. It can be get with $999.00. The other design of coffee table is White Lazzaro coffee table. The main material is top grain and solid leather in white color finished. The dimensions of this coffee table are 20 inch H x 49 inch W x 49 inch D. the legs of this coffee table is designed in cross style which is made from stainless steel. Get this vintage and classic white coffee table with $870.82.

The last design of coffee table is Magnussen Brunswick coffee table. It is designed in round shape with wooden as main material construction and layered with leather on the top side. This is the combination of neo classic style and functional. This is also simple elegant coffee table to decorate your living room. The dimensions are 19 inch H x 38 inch W x 38 inch D. This is offered with $469.99 for a sophisticated round leather coffee table.


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