Glass and Wood Coffee Tables for Artistic Stealing

Glass and wood coffee tables in it most common definition are tables made from either glass or wood as it dominant material, or in most case are tables made of the combination of glass and wood materials. These tables are mostly used as coffee tables. It is not a problem how many substance of glass or wood are used, as long as those two materials are dominant and can be seen clearly, then it is tables of wood and glass. Tables that are made from glass and wood are unique, because they are combination of two materials that are distinctly different. Woods are purely materials from nature, and it is always been connected to natural design. On the other side, glasses are purely materials from manufacture, and it is always been connected to artificial design.

But, who says that nature materials can’t meet the artificial one? In design, we know that everything is possible. Contrary, glass and wood can blend together and results beautiful and attractive wood and glass tables. Wood and glass coffee table can be the centre of attention in room where you put in, since it is mostly the only one mixed materials furniture in room. As a coffee table, wood and glass table does not need a significant size. Instead, the smaller and the more petite a coffee table from wood and glass, the more it steals attentions. A small coffee table made from wood and glass can balance that big storage and dominating furniture.

There may be a lot of design for glass and wood coffee tables; from the wood curve to the glass shape. But, the most common seen coffee tables made from wood and glass is in round shapes. The wood is used for the coffee table’s foot, and the glass is used for the table top surface. The glass surface then is in round shape, no matter in what design the wooden foot is. A clear see-trough glasses material is the best for these coffee tables, since it lets people to notice its mix with curvy wooden foot from above.

Whether to place it in family room to have some relax and the foot on, or to place it in patio to enjoy evening tea, these coffee tables are for stealing attention. Make sure those eater bugs stay away from the wooden parts. Enjoy your artistic round wood and glass coffee table.


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