Different Trunk coffee Table origins

has been invented since the middle age. This is very easy to find in many restaurants in earlier times. But in today where everything is completely modern, you can only get this coffee table model in some cafe. It has so many unique models that look so amazing. Then you will have a wonderful experience when you drink a coffee with your friends.

Rustic trunk coffee table is one of the most wanted trunk coffee table nowadays. How it can be happened is because it has a simple design and you will feel relaxed when you use this table to have some simple coffee or tea time. The design pattern of the trunk is beautiful and offers multiple different designs. It is suitable to use for a casual meeting and date.

Antique trunk coffee table is composed by the wood that taken from old trees. It is usually made from the different kinds of wooden material. Which makes it has a strong structure. This table is so expensive because the manufacturing process is quite difficult. Additionally, it has an awesome natural pattern on it that will be more beautiful after it varnished.

However if you prefer you can also create your own coffee table. There are some simple steps on how to make your own trunk coffee table DIY at home. The step is simple; you only need some high quality of trunk, wood varnish, a hammer and some nails. Then don’t forget about saw. First use saw to cut a trunk into six pieces. 2 piece for the board and 4 piece for the table legs. Then tack the 4 piece of table legs on the first board. Put then in every corner. After that, tack again the other side with another board. After your first look of the coffee table is finished, you need to spread wood varnish into every surface of your table. It is very useful to make the trunk coffee table much more durable.


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