Coffee Tables Ideas with DIY Creative Style You Can Make

Coffee table ideas can give you something new with your interior design, especially for your living room. In this case, you can be so much creative to create new idea of coffee table. Making new look in your living room with coffee table does not mean that you have always to buy new table, but by recycling old things you can create new beautiful and creative coffee table. This is one of the brilliant ideas you can make yourself. In this article today, you will find fresh and original ideas in utilizing shutter, windows, door, wood and other unused stuff to be a creative and extraordinary coffee table. This idea is called Do It Yourself or better known as DIY. Keep reading and find the designs bellow.

As you know that table or coffee table are important in living room. Without this thing, living room will lack of joy, because you will have no place to put cup or table accessories as well as the table function should be. Even it is important, you do not need to buy if you can make it yourself of unique table and save your money as well.  There you go some interesting of DIY coffee table ideas you can take as inspirations.

The first design of coffee table ideas is barn coffee table. If you have lots of barn wood, do not throw it out. You can arrange it to be rustic or vintage chic coffee table. The ways you can do is very easy. You can juts clean it up and give it coat to give new look or you can redesign it by giving such a wheel on the legs. The second idea is door coffee table. As well as the barn coffee table, things you have to do with door coffee table is rearrange it into coffee table shape. If you have worn or unused door, you can reused it to be rustic coffee table style. The ways you have to do are first cut the door to be some pieces based on size you will make. Nail them into tale shape. You can repaint the door to get new look and give wheels or legs to make it a bit higher.

Those are two best and famous ideas of DIY coffee table design. Those are quite easy to be created, so that you can save your money to have coffee table in order to enhance your living room. Moreover, for the next step you can be more creative in creating coffee table décor ideas


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