Coffee Table for Small Spaces to Air Up A Cramped Living Room

Coffee table for small spaces can be savior for everyone who wants to level up the appearance of the room whether it is for a living room or bedroom which has room size limitation. Coffee table not only makes your room looks beautiful, but also this one delivers function. However, to pick the right one is will never be easy, moreover, when it comes to small space. But, luckily, since coffee table comes in wide array of styles, shapes, materials and sizes variation. You or anyone can take benefit of it in order to find the suitable coffee table which looks stunning in small space room.

To find the right small coffee table for small spaces, the essential thing you need to consider is picking the right measurement of your small coffee table. It means you need to consider toward the dimension of your small coffee table. But, if you have no idea how to start, you can use your sofa to decide the proper dimension you need. The length of a good looking coffee table should be 2/3 from your sofa length. When it comes to its height it must be about one or two inches from sofa’s cushion. The next thing is about the distance between your sofa and your coffee table, 12 to 18 inches just fine.

The next consideration, when you want to purchase coffee table for small space is considering the shape of your coffee table. Commonly the shape of coffee table you will find out there are square, round, rectangle, oval, and trunk. However, if you want to choose coffee table for tiny space, then oval, square, trunk, and round are the best choice you can consider. But, if you want to take more benefit for its storage solution, then typical coffee table with trunk shape will suit you best.

Another important think when you want to purchase small coffee table for your room is making consideration for the style. The style is depending on the theme that you splash on your room. It can be traditional, cottage/country, transitional, rustic, industrial, contemporary, parsons, and mid-century modern. The material choice is also essential in the way to accentuate the style of coffee table you pick. Wood is most common material that is used to build a coffee table. You can choose wood for traditional, cottage or rustic coffee table. But, if you prefer to have something like contemporary style, then the right choice is glass coffee table for small spaces.


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